© 2019 by designer drip This is not a real website and was created by the VE (Virtual Enterprise) 


            Designer Drip is an online business selling high-end apparel at low prices. Located in Rochester, NY, Designer Drip strives to be on top of the clothing and accessory industry. Our company was founded on September 4th, 2019, by a small team of 10, divided into different departments in order to build our dream. Together the small but hardworking and effective team will grow this business. Designer Drip has 3 angel investor companies funding our start-up campaign. Jim Howe working with the Western New York Nature Conservancy generously invested in Designer Drip, followed by representatives from Pat Law. We want only the best for our employees and our customers. Returning to the issue of price mark-ups, Designer Drip never marks up a price above 60%, to make sure everyone can afford the clothing they want. To add along to the price, we offer a very large variety of products. Our mission is to provide luxury at its best. We strive to achieve this and consider it with the utmost importance.

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